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Membership in AYS is open to all string, wind and percussion musicians age 8 through 21 years (consideration may be given for younger musicians of exceptional ability).


AYS holds auditions in May and August each year.  We do allow private auditions during the year if there is an open position.  Please fill out the form below to request an audition during the season.Please fill out an audition form to request an audition.


Auditions are held at the Fine Arts Building on The University of Texas-Arlington campus.


Please see the Audition Music page for repertoire.


  • The applicant and the parent(s)/guardian(s) agree that all decisions concerning placement and participation in the AYS program are at the sole discretion of the artistic staff and that their decisions are final.
  • Students accepted into AYS must be enrolled as regular members of their school band or orchestra program, if one exists.  All students will be required to obtain the signature of their band or orchestra director to verify their participation in their school’s instrumental program.  (This policy does not apply to homeschooled students, college students or students whose school does not have an instrumental program for their instrument.)